Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello, My name is Mrs.Griffin and I am a horribly inconsistant blogger.

I feel like its a bit redundant to once again for the bagillionth time announce
my return to the blogging world....
it seems I am making a trend of such titles.
To catch you up in super-duper warp speeds:
My puppy is "the exception" to every rule known to dog owners and I have had the little miss at the vets SEVEN times this month for everything from her spay surgery going horribly wrong, to a hot spot, to a sprained leg. Poor baby. So long budget .
I quit my 50+ hour a week finance job and started my own business. YIKES!
(If this was the only thing on my list- you'd know why I have been a stranger around here...)
I am loving the life of setting my own hours and being my own boss, but that comes with lengthy days getting it kickstarted and going strong.
My best friend in CO is PCS-ing to another time-zone.
No this doesn't really affect me...except yes it does because it takes two to pack a box and plan a move. even if I'm 22 states away.
Last week my oldest friend in the world said goodbye to her Marine for 12 months.
She is such a beautiful and strong wife and mother. I respect her so much.
It was much more difficult to walk with her through this journey than I expected.
I wasn't prepared for the thousand emotions that slammed into my chest as I pulled onto the base for his sendoff, they really are all the same...
And wouldn't you know it, the month I am done work and starting the business at home, My Soldier has AT and is working all hours of the day and night. I haven't seen him in months it seems...
But this is life right? Learning to balance the chaos and madness gracefully?
I won't promise to be around here more often, but I hope to say hello again soon.
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