My Soldier

My Handsome Soldier,

Sometimes I look at you and can't believe you're mine. I see a man standing before me that must be too perfect for this earth. Why me? I think to myself. Why did you decide that day in the Starbucks parking lot that you would love me forever? And why, why sweet handsome love, did you decide you STILL wanted to love me forever when I said I didn't so many times? Why did it take me so long to realize that you were the one He had promised? I don't know why you loved me then and I am still baffled at why you love me now. But I do know why I love you. I love you because you are a man who stands for truth and integrity. A man who straps on combat boots and marches off to war, yet holds me in your arms and gently wipes my tears. I love you for your humor and how you make me laugh even when I'm mad. (And baby, sometimes that just makes me all more the mad!) I love the way you quick to help and slow to judge, even when you're right. and I know it. and so do you. I love you because your steady and reliable, I know you'd do anything to be there when I need you. You are a man of few words but your actions speak in volumes. I love that you miss me as much as I miss you, and when I can't kiss you goodnight, I'm not the only one lying awake. I love the son you are to your parents, always checking in and lending a hand. The brother you are to your siblings and the fun you bring to the mix . I love the uncle you are to our nieces and nephews, how you turn into a softy. I love the father you will one day become, because I already know you'll be the best. I love the man of God you have become and your desire to walk in truth. I love the soldier you are as you selflessly serve your country. I know it isn't always easy. But most of all my love, I love that you are my husband and you show me love each day. I am so proud to be your wife, to support and stand behind you. I am so blessed to be your best friend and build our hopes and dreams together.

There could never be another you Baby.

All my love,

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