Saturday, January 23, 2010

'Tis the seal Despair...

I officially survived the first week of my last semester of class. Well, kinda. Can anyone spell S.E.N.I.O.R.I.T.I.S??? I was thinking my semester wouldn't be all that bad, 3 in-class courses and 2 directed studies- I can handle that. No problem, I even have a favorite prof in one class. But I should have known it wasn't that easy... I have spent the entire week running all over campuses, pleading with every 'Dean of..', 'Director of...', 'Overseer of...' that I can find. Why, you ask? Because I am one measly class away from completing a corresponding minor along with my degree in pre-law. ONE. 3 credit hours. To make it all the more frustrating every person I speak with tells me something different. I have more than enough credits to graduate. with a minor. with a concentration if they offered one. But I don't have that class. Apparently to receive a minor in English you have to obtained 18 credit hours beyond entry level English problem, I already have 21. You also need at least 3 advanced writing problem, I have 5. But what no one told me in the last 4 years of drowning in extra classes, is that I must have 2 literature courses- advanced literature. PROBLEM. I only have 1 entry level lit class. So now, I either have to pick up another lit course this semester in addition to my schedule or not receive a minor by 3 credits. Make sense to any of you? I am at a loss. English minor in writing...who cares if I can decifer a poem by Whitman or Dickenson if I am going to be writing legal briefs? To make matters all the more amusing, the only available lit course that fits into my schedule is taught by a professor I may or may not have previously vowed to avoid at all costs. But I lived through her previous class...and maybe this time she won't go to lengths of individual humiliation like last time. Maybe? So 'tis the seal despair', as Dickenson would say, that for 3 hours *wednesday night I will endure the pain just to get my silly minor....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mr. Husband, Sargeant, Sir!

This morning at 0700 my hubby officially became a Sargeant in the United States Army. Though he insisted it was no big deal, it was the first promotion ceremony I have been able to see- the others 0ccurred while he was in Iraq. To my amazement his superiors allowed him to delay his promotion a few days so that I would be able to pin him! (I arrived home from Denver late last night- well morning really. Home at 12:30 am, up and at the Armory at 7 am!) I was a little nervous where all the other promotions had taken place while I was away, and his entire unit would be staring at me- the lonely civilian in a room of soldiers. And much to my humiliation- I choked. I know what you are thinking- how hard is it to place a velcro patch on ACU's? Well its not, unless they hand you the rank upside down and you are too nervous to check before you pin him. Yup, I pinned his rank upside down- in front of his entire unit- his First Sargeant and Commander...great first impression of the newest army wife right? The horrible part is after he read his creed to the unit, they stripped it and re-pinned him. UGH. And I KNOW the ranks and what they look like, but I figured they would pass it to me the right way....wrong. Next time I just may watch from the side-lines... my poor husband. The guys gave him a hard time all morning, apparently I should be given a "handbook" to learn my ranks.... oh well. He was a sweetheart and told me stories about a Sargeant Major who pinned his on wrong and came to formation...but still- did it really have to go that way? Really? It didn't phase him though, he's informed me that I can now just call him Sargeant. So of course, I have teased him all day calling him my Mr. Husband, Sargeant, Sir! I guess I will just have to find a way to congratulate him that will make up for my blond moment... ; )

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fast Forward

There is so much to say, to explain and update from the last few months.... but there is no time today....

We finally moved into a wonderful apartment that I adore. No mold- PRAISE GOD.

Hubby left for WLC (Army NCO training) directly before Christmas and during my two weeks of intense finals... not happy with the Army about that. I survived and finished my 7th semester in prelaw, one left!

Our first Christmas was wonderful, not at all like I had planned (thanks to the military) but still every bit as wonderful. I am so glad he is home with me this year.

Most pressing on my heart is where I sit at this very the CICU room in Denver Children's Hospital with my best friend and their adorable little girl. There is not enough time to start at the beginning and fill you in.... Aliyah Marie was born a month early on November 12th and diagnosed with a severe heart condition. They are awaiting God's miracle of a transplant. He is so faithful. This angel is the most precious little girl. She has entirely captured our hearts. Her story can be found here:
and here:

My soldier is getting promoted to Sargent on Sunday, I finally get to see one and pin him!

...all I have time for now, I will try to be better about blogging...these past few months have been, well- eventful.

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