Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Moving Woes and Moldy Leases"

Long story really really short...about 6 weeks ago, I started getting sick. Severe headaches, nausea, itchy eyes, sneezing...all the typical symptoms of allergies. So I went to the doctor, they prescribed an allergy medication and sent me on my way. My symptoms got increasingly worse and I was fatigued all the time, emotional and falling apart...so my mama started doing some research. Mold. Black mold to be exact. I matched every single little mark on the long list of symptoms and reactions. Sure enough, we discovered black mold in our apartment. Gross huh? After de-humidifiers, rug sprays, mold tests, calls to landlord and another trip back to the doctor, it was finally decided that I was toxicly allergic to black mold and had a sinus infection, ear infection and it was getting into my lungs. Soooo.... we called the landlord AGAIN, and gave him our notice to leave. Then came the drama of breaching our lease and the denial of our deposit. HA. Breaching a lease because I am dying of mold, requiring our deposit because he refused to do anything about the toxicity... crazy to ask for those things right? We found another place, passed the ten thousand reference lists and background checks and are moving in this weekend. For a month we have told our current landlord that we are leaving, I have doctor's notification of my severe allergy, mold tests to prove it exists in the apartment and a demand letter for our deposit. He said he would be over to see the proof and speak with us... that was two weeks ago. Today I come home and there is a letter on my door. A cleaning list and requirements of things I need to complete before I can leave. Things like clean and shampoo rugs, wash all windows inside and out, wash all floors and bathroom and kitchen appliances.... hmm.... wash the rug with mold in it.... while severely allergic to it.... or stand outside in October to wash the windows. (Which by the way are falling apart). I think NOT. I am a tidy person, things will be cleaned but thats ridiculous. Anyways, our apartment is covered in moving boxes, half packed and others in mid-process. We have saturday to move out AND move into the other apartment, all the while I am still sick and my husband is working. Ahhh, I just love renting....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Half an update...

So much has happened in the last 3 months since I last posted. Its amazing to me how fast time passes in one phase of life, yet remembering how it seemed to be at a stand-still during others. Well, an update....in a whirlwind....

~I GOT MARRIED! To the most amazing man I have ever known. On July 11, 2009 I slipped my hand into his and promised to hold it forever. Despite the stress and trauma (yes- TRAUMA) of planning our special day, everything went beautifully. Jesus blessed us by holding back the rain (the only day in July!) Our photographer was a sweetheart and the day was simply perfect. I must be honest- I was sick the whole day from allergies (lost my voice the night of rehearsal, ahh!), but it was still perfect! I could not have imagined it more stunning, it was exactly how I had hoped and dreamed and planned!

Mr & Mrs

I love him.

Soulmate until the end of time....

Just some of my favorites.... See our slideshow here, more pictures here and here! =)

~We honeymooned in Orlando and went to Sea World, Busch Gardens and Disney! (Pictures to come...)

~My best friend got married 5 weeks after me... and true to childhood dreams, we were both each other's maid of honor.

~I am FINALLY in my 4th year in the Paralegal Program...and I have senioritis BAD.

~My Hooah-buddy and other half came to visit, she brought her adorable 30 wk baby belly for me to kiss. =)

.... half an update. more to come. I promise to be better at blogging!

Monday, June 8, 2009

drama, drama, drama...

So here I am 33 days from my wedding and I am just finding out that my 5 groomsmen that turned into 4 is now again 5...
two of my bridesmaids dresses were ordered 6!!! sizes too big and they take 9 weeks to be delivered (I have 5)...
I am not tan...
I am still the same size...
I have not picked out and ordered my flowers yet...
we have just begun marital counseling...
I keep double booking appointments...
I now have a regular work hours and just when it was getting easier to schedule somehow added in tutoring to screw everything up...
I STILL have insomnia...
My immune system sucks and I seem to catch every germ that blows by...which I have now given to my fiancee and my family...
EVERYONE seems to have an opinion about MY wedding... [ok well not everyone... those who love me and are sane, you know who you are and this need not apply to you =) ]
I can't decide on a first dance song...
I seem to indulge in chocolate in times of stress. meaning all the time. bad for fitting into THE dress...
I barely know any details of my best friends wedding because she is getting married a month after me and I don't have time to help her right now...
Colorado is too far away and I miss and NEED my hooah buddy and other half...
I have 9 on-going lists of things to do and no motivation to do them...
Planning a wedding is not as fun as I had imagined....
Oh, and military men who think its funny to call a bride pretending to be someone stating that their fiancee left their phone in a stripclub and need to come get it, are NOT funny and should be publically scorned for their immaturity and lack of sensitivity to a lady.

BUT... God IS faithful. My fiancee is AMAZING and no matter the number of groomsmen, matching dressed bridesmaids, new family with drama, and tired days, he will be my HUSBAND in 33 days.

ahhh, HOOAH.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wedding Planning...

Wedding Inspiration: RED, RED, RED!!

Bridal Bouquet: Romance...
..Deep reds and purples....

The Cake!!!!

Reception Details...

The Centerpieces!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The countdown continues..

So much has happened in the last two months...

I am officially finished with this semester of school, and despite my panic I actually managed to maintain my gpa. whew. My dad received his masters in criminal justice and marched at the graduation, I was so proud of him! Josh received a promotion and was hired for a permanent position at the flight facility as a blackhawk machanic. He moved into what will be our apartment...let's see, wedding plans are insanely crazy, there are so many details left! I had my first alterations last week, have appointments to finalize catering and the cake within the next few days, and am madly gathering addresses to send out invitations! There are so many things left to do, but I know that they will all be finished and it will all turn out beautifully. Though it has been busy and sometimes stressful, by the end of the day all I can think is that soon I will be a wife. Two months from today and I will be MRS.GRIFFIN!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

the kind of woman I inspire to become...

gracious. worthy. strong.

beautiful. inspiring. hopeful.

wise. kind. truthful.

compassionate. perservering. humble.

*** *** *** ***

creative. helpful. thrifty.

intelligent. accomplished. determined.

playful. appreciative. joyful.

*** *** *** ***

I pray that I become a woman of grace. A figure of compassionate elegance who inspires those around me to love the Lord with every part of who they are. I pray my life never ceases to display His mercy and loving kindness.
Create in me a clean heart, O God. Restore a right spirit within me. Use these hands to create beauty for your glory. From my lips may praises sing and truth resonate. Direct my steps to where you lead.
May my name bring a smile to your heart and a joy to your spirit. May my life song sing a worthy song unto you.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gone... AGAIN.

Dear mr. army man (sir),

I have come to understand and even appreciate the dedication and service required to serve in the United States Army. Me, being an army fiancée, well I’d like to think that I serve too. Actually, we military spouses (fiancées, significant others…) should really be given an MOS for all the tasks and assignments we carry out and are required to qualify for. Needless to say, I understand the commitment and the sacrifices you ask of your men….. I do however feel the need to tell you sir, that I have spent the last 12 of 14 months without my soldier so that you could use him at your disposal. I have waited hours and hours a day for phone calls lasting only five minutes, spent night after night alone, written hundreds of letters and sent endless amounts of flat rate boxes filled with fun things to keep my soldier smiling… all this to say, I have spent the last 12 of 14 months sharing my soldier, not even sharing really, but waiting my turn. You finally let him come home to me two months ago and I have to admit I am quite possessive of him and his time, but still he faithfully goes to work for you. I am proud to be an army fiancée and feel more pride for him that I can ever express. I thank you for bringing him home to me safely, but sir, why did you feel the need to take him away AGAIN? I know it is a short trip and he is only across the country instead of across an ocean and several countries. But, I’ve waited for three hundred and (almost) sixty-five days, so if would so kindly let me have my turn, because I am NOT ready to share.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

safe in His hands.

As I was reading through a new blog tonight, I was blessed to "meet" a miracle. I could try and explain the compassion my heart is swelling with, but perhaps you should discover this little life yourself. read about this beauty from ashes here.

Jesus, you are so precious. Your grace abounding, endless. No one can begin to fathom the depths of your love, your glory and your grace. You see life in the midst of tradegy. Beauty in the midst of pain. Only you can bring peace to a storm with a simple word and fill us with joy when there is none to be found. Praise you Lord for your faithfulness.

Lord, you know better than I.


now that my soldier is home and deployment is officially over,
it doesn't make much sense to continue writing "deployment thoughts"...
so, my creative task for the day is to decide on a new blog name. Any suggestions?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Fall Out!"

January 1, 2009 : 0300 hours.
Heroes Welcome Home Ceremony.

**** Company **** Aviation Regiment returned home early New Year's morning after a 12 month deployment; 3 months in moblization, 9 months in country. Read about it here.

Josh's homecoming was one of the most exciting, exhausting, wonderful, emotional days of my life! His flight came in at 3:00 am to the National Guard Base to a freezing 15 degrees below morning! Poor man was frozen stepping off the plane and walking across the flight line. I was so anxious to see him, to know that he was home, really home, no more goodbyes HOME, that I couldn't sleep more than an hour the entire night before. He called me from the demobilization base and from the airport....but it still seemed like a call from across the world even when I knew he was only 5 or 6 hours away. Theres something about separate time zones now...they seem to be more like separate planets. But finally we were counting the same hours. Waking up at the same time and standing in the same room! The Heroes Welcome Home Ceremony only lasted about 10 minutes. Long enough to stand in formation and hear the blessed words, "FALL OUT!" It was freezing, all the families overjoyed but half awake... needless to say, everyone was more than willing to claim their soldier and finally take them home. All day I kept staring at him, hugging him, kissing him, and asking him if he was home to stay. (In fact, its been 6 weeks and I STILL do that!)

I love my Soldier.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


At last, my love has come along,
My lonely days are over,
And life is like a song,
Ohhh at last
The stars above are blue
My heart was wrapped up in clover,
The night I looked at you
I found a dream that I could speak to,
A dream that I, can call my own,
I found a thrill, to press my cheek to
A thrill that I, have never known,
Ohhh you smile, you smile
And then the spell was cast
And here we are in heaven, for you are mine, at last!

After 349 days, my soldier is finally in my arms. in the same room. in the same country. on the same CONTINENT. and I can call HIM.

It seems surreal at times...to see him and know he's here, and realize that he is home for good. I still see soldiers and tear up, or hear a song that reminds me of a lonely day..it keeps me praying for all those loved ones whose soldiers are still across seas being heroes with every webcam session and 5 minute phone call.

* * * *

I saw him for the first time since his leave in June on December **th when his unit stopped at the *** International Airport on their way to demobilization. For a bliss hour and a half, I was able to stare into those gorgeous eyes and actually hold his hand! That morning was a little crazy...I couldn't sleep a wink the night before, and at 2 am they changed the arrival time of his flight to 6 am! Running on about 2 hours of sleep I got to the airport with a belly full of butterflies and waited for 3 hours until he finally arrived (at the original time...) There were so many emotions that day; so many families- army wives, children, newborn babies who had yet to meet their mommy or daddy. It is strange, yet entirely understood, to stand in a room full of strangers and feel completely connected and unified through empathy. It was so wonderful to see my soldier and hold him and tell him that I loved him face to face. I left knowing that it would be the last goodbye before I would welcome him home for good!

Finally. all mine.

so this is love...

I have no idea what he was in the middle of saying, but I was adoring him. : )

Monday, February 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home...

Its finally over, deployment is finished. completed. accomplished. (applause anyone?) My soldier has been home for almost 6 weeks now, but I simply couldn't bring myself to post anything until ALL the deployments were over. It didn't seem joyous to write about my soldier's homecoming until my best friend had her own day and held her soldier in her arms too... so my lovely Kate, tonight your soldier is home in your arms, and all is well. No more sleepless nights, no more terrorizing dreams, or lonely days and heavy hearts. Our soldiers are home, safe and sound. We are finished! You are such a treasure to me, I am so blessed to have had your strength this year and to have grown in the Lord together. Praise Jesus our soldiers are home sweet home. HOOAH!

... so, now I will soon post MY Welcome Home Heroes Ceremony!...

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