Thursday, August 5, 2010

These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

As an avid Arbonne supporter and fan, most of the products I use are from their amazing line.

They tend to be a little pricey- but they last forever.

But the best part? Their products are all natural, botanically based and organic.

NO creepy weird chemicals! No mineral oil like sooo many other companies!

(for those of you who don't know...mineral oil is in most over-the-counter-find-in-walmart products...and its refined crude oil. on your face. ewwwwww.

While I'm plugging away- if you're interested, email me!

I am a preferred customer and have a consultant in the family!

More about Arbonne later...

What this post was really about before I climbed up on my soap box-

My favorite products.

You will soon notice that not all of them are indeed Arbonne, because once you find that amazing must-have, -if you ever go out of production I'll's hard to switch over.

My single most favorite product EVER. Let's just call it the itty bitty miracle worker.

I never leave the house without it.

Super smooth gloss. Love it. This is a recent find.

If you've never tried mineral powder, you should. You would never know you're wearing it, it's so light and smooth. It has great coverage and lasts all day.

Black eyeliner used to scare me. no joke. I have super blue eyes and applied the wrong way, I can look pretty darn scary with black rings and piercing eyes. This little baby helped me conquer my fear and now I almost always wear it!

The next few faves aren't exactly cosmetics, but I love them.

If you are like me, mornings are not exactly sunny side up... a little whiff of this and I'm wide awake! It's also great for soothing sore muscles and clearing stuffy allergies.
Caution: a little bit goes a long way
One of my new favorite scents. It is sweet and sophisticated, I always feel pretty when I wear it.
I bathe in this fabulous stuff.
It's super soft, creamy and I drift right into sweet lavender dreams.

These are only a few of my favorite products,
but definitely my must-haves of them all.
I would love to hear what your favorite products are.

So, what's in your makeup bag?
Or more importantly, what's in your clutch or
purse that you never leave the house without?


Meg said...

I love Arbonne for Baby. I would love to give your familly member a little business! Maybe like a bottle of baby lotion and a bottle of baby shampoo?? That would be lovely. Let me know how we can make the transaction :)

L.C. said...

I love arbonne! I just wish it wasn't so expensive!

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