Friday, November 14, 2008

Peppermint Tea

...5 months, 3 days.... time that has lapsed since I held my soldier in my arms. On one hand, 5 months isn't so significant. Two seasons come and gone in a flash, summer vacation complete, a fifth semester commencing. On the other..5 months equals one semester of college; nearly two, three major holidays, my birthday, our anniversary, a wedding half-way planned, and ten boxes of peppermint tea. Oh the moments those 5 months have held. Some joyous; a trip to Texas, presents from Iraq, treasured love letters, a best friend's wedding, the arrival of a friend's beautiful baby girl... others more trials than memories; a never-ending battle of faulty Iraq internet connection, broken webcams, sleepless nights, hooah moments marked by tears, a stressful job, a schedule with no freedom, a life without my other half...but yet amidst the joy and trials, one thing remains. Love. not just any simple love, but unconditional perfect love. The love of a Savior whose arms are always open, whose hands are always strong enough, whose heart is always gentle. My Savior, my Friend, My Dad. For every moment I've felt alone, He has held me close. Every fear, He has promised comfort and perfect peace. Every sleepless night, He was always by my side. For every hooah and every sip of peppermint tea.

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David Wilford said...

Excellent article. Really like your writing style. Take care.

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