Saturday, November 15, 2008

Red Flags at the Lake House

I am sitting in my livingroom with a cozy fire gently glowing, watching "The Lakehouse" occurs to me that though the plot impossible, it reflects so much of how life feels at the moment. Love letters through a mailbox. Two worlds entirely apart. A lake to separate them, yet bring them together. A hope of life to come. It seems so strange to be an entire world away, to wake up when he is eating dinner, to fall asleep at his alarm. An ocean, a continent, a desert. So many things that keep us so far apart. Still, my heart is eternally tied to his, our lives meant to intertwine. Love letters through a mailbox...a facebook account, a webcam conversation absent of a headset. Sometimes I think I can't remember what "us" felt like before the deployment. I can't remember a conversation that didn't entail wishful thinking or didn't end with the word "soon", but rather now, five minutes, tomorrow... Being an Army fiance is a wonderful blessing I wouldn't trade for anything. Not for an 8 to 5 job, a suit and tie, a saturday night date, a tuesday dinner, a cell phone number to call... loving a soldier takes a strong heart. Waiting for the next 20 minute phone call, going to sleep without a goodnight. Loving a soldier is feeling so proud your heart is going to explode. Seeing him in ACUs and falling inlove all over again. Waiting an entire year just to say hello to HIM. Loving a soldier is worth every red flag on the mailbox, every crossed off day, every second of the 8 hour time difference. Loving a soldier is everything. even if for a while, you live at the lakehouse....

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