Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gone... AGAIN.

Dear mr. army man (sir),

I have come to understand and even appreciate the dedication and service required to serve in the United States Army. Me, being an army fiancée, well I’d like to think that I serve too. Actually, we military spouses (fiancées, significant others…) should really be given an MOS for all the tasks and assignments we carry out and are required to qualify for. Needless to say, I understand the commitment and the sacrifices you ask of your men….. I do however feel the need to tell you sir, that I have spent the last 12 of 14 months without my soldier so that you could use him at your disposal. I have waited hours and hours a day for phone calls lasting only five minutes, spent night after night alone, written hundreds of letters and sent endless amounts of flat rate boxes filled with fun things to keep my soldier smiling… all this to say, I have spent the last 12 of 14 months sharing my soldier, not even sharing really, but waiting my turn. You finally let him come home to me two months ago and I have to admit I am quite possessive of him and his time, but still he faithfully goes to work for you. I am proud to be an army fiancée and feel more pride for him that I can ever express. I thank you for bringing him home to me safely, but sir, why did you feel the need to take him away AGAIN? I know it is a short trip and he is only across the country instead of across an ocean and several countries. But, I’ve waited for three hundred and (almost) sixty-five days, so if would so kindly let me have my turn, because I am NOT ready to share.

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