Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Half an update...

So much has happened in the last 3 months since I last posted. Its amazing to me how fast time passes in one phase of life, yet remembering how it seemed to be at a stand-still during others. Well, an a whirlwind....

~I GOT MARRIED! To the most amazing man I have ever known. On July 11, 2009 I slipped my hand into his and promised to hold it forever. Despite the stress and trauma (yes- TRAUMA) of planning our special day, everything went beautifully. Jesus blessed us by holding back the rain (the only day in July!) Our photographer was a sweetheart and the day was simply perfect. I must be honest- I was sick the whole day from allergies (lost my voice the night of rehearsal, ahh!), but it was still perfect! I could not have imagined it more stunning, it was exactly how I had hoped and dreamed and planned!

Mr & Mrs

I love him.

Soulmate until the end of time....

Just some of my favorites.... See our slideshow here, more pictures here and here! =)

~We honeymooned in Orlando and went to Sea World, Busch Gardens and Disney! (Pictures to come...)

~My best friend got married 5 weeks after me... and true to childhood dreams, we were both each other's maid of honor.

~I am FINALLY in my 4th year in the Paralegal Program...and I have senioritis BAD.

~My Hooah-buddy and other half came to visit, she brought her adorable 30 wk baby belly for me to kiss. =)

.... half an update. more to come. I promise to be better at blogging!

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