Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Moving Woes and Moldy Leases"

Long story really really short...about 6 weeks ago, I started getting sick. Severe headaches, nausea, itchy eyes, sneezing...all the typical symptoms of allergies. So I went to the doctor, they prescribed an allergy medication and sent me on my way. My symptoms got increasingly worse and I was fatigued all the time, emotional and falling apart...so my mama started doing some research. Mold. Black mold to be exact. I matched every single little mark on the long list of symptoms and reactions. Sure enough, we discovered black mold in our apartment. Gross huh? After de-humidifiers, rug sprays, mold tests, calls to landlord and another trip back to the doctor, it was finally decided that I was toxicly allergic to black mold and had a sinus infection, ear infection and it was getting into my lungs. Soooo.... we called the landlord AGAIN, and gave him our notice to leave. Then came the drama of breaching our lease and the denial of our deposit. HA. Breaching a lease because I am dying of mold, requiring our deposit because he refused to do anything about the toxicity... crazy to ask for those things right? We found another place, passed the ten thousand reference lists and background checks and are moving in this weekend. For a month we have told our current landlord that we are leaving, I have doctor's notification of my severe allergy, mold tests to prove it exists in the apartment and a demand letter for our deposit. He said he would be over to see the proof and speak with us... that was two weeks ago. Today I come home and there is a letter on my door. A cleaning list and requirements of things I need to complete before I can leave. Things like clean and shampoo rugs, wash all windows inside and out, wash all floors and bathroom and kitchen appliances.... hmm.... wash the rug with mold in it.... while severely allergic to it.... or stand outside in October to wash the windows. (Which by the way are falling apart). I think NOT. I am a tidy person, things will be cleaned but thats ridiculous. Anyways, our apartment is covered in moving boxes, half packed and others in mid-process. We have saturday to move out AND move into the other apartment, all the while I am still sick and my husband is working. Ahhh, I just love renting....

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Anonymous said...

I would tell him to get lost - in all Christian love =) If I was there I would help, love. I'm sorry that he's making things such a mess. I love you though. And at least you are moving out of that terrible place, right? =)

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