Monday, June 7, 2010

Guess How Much I Love You?

This past week my mama and I went on a shopping trip to the nearest outlets a couple hours from home. I was on the hunt for jeans. I hate jean shopping. Is there even any one out there who doesn't dread the experience? I have never met a woman who looks forward to the "joys" of finding perfect jeans- whether they are a size -2, 2 or 22. It's just not pleasant. In fact, usually I end with shoe shopping. Because shoes are always fun and fabulous!

However, this time I started my day the right way. I prayed. Now you may think praying for jeans is silly- but nothing is too small or too big for God. I often pray for small things- a parking space, a lost item to be found, the clock to slow down (I'm pretty much always 15 minutes late...) Though I don't always get the answer I want, I always get an answer.

Anyways back to the jeans- I prayed that I would find ONE pair that I loved. That fit, that weren't too long or too short (are there REALLY that many people who are 5'10 and need jeans a mile long? I am 5'7- not really that short- and I usually were heels with my jeans. It drives me nuts!) Oh- and I was really praying that I wouldn't have to sell my arm to find them. But I was almost willing to!

Can I tell you how much God is into details?
How he hears his children and responds? No matter how big or small their request? Ready for it?.... (imagine drum roll...) I found not one, not two, not even three... but FOUR!!! pairs of jeans that I LOVE. Now I realize I didn't really need four new pairs (well, actually it doesn't hurt since I was down to 1 pair since my dryer ate my other two pairs. thats another story though). However- these jeans were the right size and fit, not too long or too short, (ahem-sound familiar?) but the BEST PART??? I didn't even have to sell my pinky finger let alone my arm! I found the first pair for $20 bucks. Then second and third for $15 each. And the fourth for $3.50. Can you believe that? And to top it all- they were GAP JEANS. I love the Gap. Four pairs of jeans for a grand total of just under $60 bucks after tax.

God is SO into details.
He looked down and said "Guess how much I love you?"... "This much!" When was the last time you asked God for your every need- no matter how big or seemingly unimportant it may be? Do you watch and listen for his answer? Give it a try today- just wait to feel the security of his hug and hear him whisper- I love you this much....


Kayla Sue said...

that is AWESOME! I am jealous:) I only have one pair of jeans and they are not my favorite.

Maybe I should pray for some jeans!!

Love the new look, btw!

Whitney said...

That is so great girl :)

That is a good thing to remember, and something we need to do more often.

Blessing said...

You are hilarious! God is definitely the God of the smalls and the bigs. I read to my daughter every night, a book titled "Guess How Much I Love You". Its a very heart touching book, and I open my arms wide to tell my daughter how much I love her. And every night I kiss her goodnight, and I tell her, I love her to the moon.....and back. She just smiles and falls asleep.

Mrs. Bement said...

That's awesome, Kay! I strongly dislike jean shopping myself... :/ What a blessing to find the right ones for such a great price! Our God is SO cool ;)

Kathryn said...

Wow what a great post! I am with you there on the jean shopping, not my favorite thing to do, because I have a big butt, and it's hard to find pants that fit, and don't gap. So frustrating! But maybe I need to pray next time! :)What a great deal, and your are so lucky 4 pairs!! :)

Kelli said...

Yay for you!!! And you are so right, there is no request too small or insignificant!! =)

beka said...

Hmmm. Over the past few years, two friends of varying sizes have given a bunch of clothes to me, and of the larger sized ones, my favorite pair is on the looser side. I told my sister, "I really really like them. Can you tell?"
Ha, we laughed.
Such a blessing, the different ways He provides for His children!

Meg said...

What an awesome post!!

Nikkie said...

I love this post! I also find it awesome that you prayed for jeans. You are right - nothing ever is too big or too small :) Yay for finding some perfect jeans!

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