Friday, July 23, 2010

Picture Book

Vacation Pictures as promised!!!
You'd rather look at pictures than read our day by day schedule right?

Colorado * First Anniversary * Family

My adorable niece, Aliyah
I love her- can you tell?

Happy Fourth!!

Garden of the Gods
Aren't you amazed by God's beauty and intellect?
Our Creator is so awesome and Mighty!

Kissing Camels!

My Soldier. I love him.

Air Force Academy Chapel
Rockies Game!

Red Rocks Amphitheatre


Girls Day to the Denver Art Museum!

My perfect niece.


Kate said...

I love it! Come back now, okay?

Lindsay said...

looks like you had fun! i love the springs area, i grew up in co so your pictures bring back good memories. :)

beka said...

Aww, so sweet.
Love it:)

Kayla Sue said...

The first photo is beautiful! And yes, our creator is so awesome!!

I'm glad you are back, I missed you! :)

Lala said...

just stumbled upon your blog. these pics make me miss COS. i am going to move back, and i convinced my soldier to try to get stationed at ft carson so we can be in colorado. :)

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