Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jumbled Mess

Ever have those days when everything goes wrong before you even touched your toes to the floor?

of course you have. it's called life isn't it?

Today is one of those days.

This week is one of those weeks.

You aren't really expecting an actual post are you? Because all I've got are jumbled thoughts and lists flying in and out of my scrambled brain. So that's what you get....still love me?

List 4 thousand 9 hundred and 64.

* I got a job! Not exactly the job of my dreams persay...but the people are fabulous and I am loving the office life again. Not so much the hours or the subject matter, but God truly had his hand in this. but more on this later because this is suppposed to be a list...

* My Soldier and I have been staying with my parents, our whole life stored in their basement...anxiously awaiting the closing of our new house.

* I am currently sitting (yes-sitting) on an ice pack. Why? 4:30 am trip to the little girl's room and I, in my delirious state, fell half way down the stairway. kerrsmack! yikes. It hurts bad. My chiropractor appointment can't come soon enough.

*I have nine gagillion things I want to do and NO time to do it.

* I haven't talked to my best friend in a week. (thats YEARS for us)

* My other best friend is having a precious baby girl in 3 weeks and I haven't seen her baby belly in a month. NOT OK.

*This new working woman- white collar thing- I am exhausted! Driving an hour to and from work is going to get old reallll fast. Thank God the office is fabulous.

* I realized yesterday that I have 5 saved posts, all of which aren't completed and all of which I really wanted to share with you! soon...

*It has been horrifically hot here the past week...we're talking high 90's and humidity. yuck.

Isn't it September in New England?

I am SO excited for fall weather! Pumpkin candles, pumpkin spice coffee!, apple-picking, crisp morning air, soccer games, scarves! (I love scarves!) ahh...Don't you love fall?!

What's on your mind this morning?


Mateya said...

I wore a scarf today...maybe a little premature but oh well, I can't wait for fall! :) Congrats on the new job!!!!

Brittany Nicole said...

Kalyn, I am totally with you on every aspect of fall, and I am excited for it too! I had my first pumkin spice latte today, yummm :) and i burt an apple candle yesterday! I'm with you sister! :)
I hope your injury heals soon! :/

Lacey said...

I just found your blog through Kayla and I'm loving it!

It's so nice to find another bloggie friend who's in love with the Lord!
We seem to have a lot in common!
I was just married in July and I pray you are loving it as much as I am!


Lacey said...

Oh! I just realized you've been married a whole year! :) Hee, hee! I thought you were married this year!

Well still, I hope you're loving it!

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