Saturday, September 18, 2010

Now that's what I call a successful lunch break!

My blog posts have been few and far between as of late.
I really hate that.

All day long I have a thousand things racing through my head,
I have about ten 'potential' posts filed away up there
but after an 8 hour day and two hours of travel
I am exhausted when I get home.

And I would apologize, but thats life right? Working, family and a two day rest.
I'll figure it out eventually. promise.
Until then, I'm trying my best to sneak in post at least once a week.

I did however manage to make use of my lunch breaks-
having a Mardens and Renys 5 minutes from work is dangerous....
Here are my latest finds. I am SO excited to decorate.
Decorate my new house. Decorate for fall.

Inspiration for the guest bedroom.
I love the vases I found, they are so bright and fun!
The curtains are a light blue/green with chocolate trim and a pretty scarf to overlay with.
I love it!
A rust colored kitchen towel that matches the wall color and dining room curtains.
Beautiful imitation blue glass I found to decorate the kitchen with.
I love the contrast between rust and deep blue.
Just a few things I've collected along the way.
I'm not sure what will go where, but I'm having fun playing with the color tones.
I'm so excited to get moved in and decorate for fall too!
It just so happens that pumpkins will match my kitchen perfectly.
Oh! I love fall!


JG said...

How pretty! I love fall colors.

LindseyLove said...

Oh, I really love those vases! They're so bright and colorful. I can't wait to keep decorating. I have so much to do, ugh!

Kayla Sue said...

Been missing you around here!! and I'm HUGELY into home decor... love this!

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