Thursday, January 20, 2011

Techinically a post. Not so much.

I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have writer’s block.
That is, I haven’t had the opportunity to remember.
Somewhere between the 45 minute drive one way to work, 8 hours later repeating the same endless road, the arriving home 2 hours after my soldier, scarfing down dinner (that my amazing husband makes every single night now…) playing with my puppy and kissing my soldier goodnight, I fall into bed with not one ounce of energy left…. And not one thought to share with you even if I had a spare moment…

I miss having writers block. I miss writing and rewriting, or staring at the page until I finally think of something that might be of interest to any of you who might still check in now and again to see if I’ve actually returned to the blogging world.

I miss reading and following all of you! Please!!, will someone tell me how to balance this complicated thing called life? How do you fit it all in? When do you find the time for hobbies or even exercise (don’t even get me started on how long its been since I’ve said hello to my elliptical…or hit play to do my cardio videos...yikes!) when you are only home long enough to sleep and restart the day yet again?

Even as I am sitting here, I'm madly typing as if I have a time clock... grrr!
My Soldier is MIA tonight. He's working a FTP with NVG's.
So I have the house to myself.And the puppy...errr...growing monster. Everytime I turn around she's grown an inch, has new teeth and ways 4 more pounds.
(She's helping me type by the way- making this muchhhh less complicated than normal...)


I did actually do something fun this past weekend. I had an Arbonne Makeup Party! If you haven't heard of Arbonne before... it is all-natural, organic, botanically-based, ph correct and has absolutely no chemicals.
Why is it different than other products? Other products contain things like mineral oil (refined crude oil), petrolatum, petroleum, artificial dyes and colors, and artificial fragrances. (All of these things which have been proven to cause cancer, toxicity, reproductive problems, skin and eye irritants etc...

If you have never heard about chemicals and animal byproducts in personal care products and cosmetics, check this out (click on the look inside tab). You NEED to know this info! Theres tons of info out there, most people just never knew to research it. I never did!
Arbonne has beautiful cosmetics, amazing skin care products, dietary supplements and baby products... you can find their website here. And if you are interested, email me! I would love to share my favorite things about this great company or place an order for you to try it!
I wish my post were more interesting, eloquent, or even EXISTANT...but this is all I've got for now...puppy is turning into a demanding monster with daddy gone for the night. She's now not only helping me type but in my lap trying to take over all together!

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Beka said...

good to hear from you on here, dear:)
gosh. husband making dinner each night sounds fabulous:)

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