Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nice to Meet You

I came to the realization today that I don't know many of my readers.

I have yet to have the priviledge of meeting YOU!

I don't know how you found my blog,

Who you are and what you blog about.

(In fact, I haven't had the opportunity to follow many of you-
tell me where you call bloggie-home!)

Are you a milspouse too?

What part of the world are you reading from?

Maybe we have a lot in common....maybe we live close to each other...

you never know!


the next time you stop by to say hello, won't you introduce yourself?

I'd really like to say "nice to meet you"


P.S- those of you who are proactive followers and leave a comment introducing yourself will be entered for a fun surprise giveaway at the end of the month!!!
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Liv Kit @ Simply Sunshine and Daisys said...

Hey there! I love the idea of doing a post like this!

Beka said...

i found your blog through kate p.'s blog:)
this is my blog home where i write about the things i love, my family, friends, coffee, and kitchen stuff:
i'm reading from southern wisconsin:) and nope, i'm not a mil-wife.

pretty cool idea with this post! ♥

KelleeLyn said...

Hey! I'm Kellee from You+Me=Wii ( I am a fellow milspouse, my husband is in the Army and we're stationed at Ft Carson in Colorado Springs CO. We're new to the area and new to marriage (past our 1 year anniv in January) so there's been lots of changes in our lives. I really don't know how I found your blog, prolly through out milspouses... Just saying hi! :)

JG said...

Hi there! I'm definitely a lurker, but I do read everything you post. I'm just a super-lame commenter. :)

Kelsey said...

Hey I found your blog through Kates. I am also a Military wife and Im from Maine too. Cant wait to keep reading!

Jessica said...

Hi I am Jessica! What a great idea for a post =)
I am a fellow mil spouse. I am not quite sure how I came across your blog (for some reason I want to say Wives of Faith)

Mrs. Bement said...


I read you because:
You're awesome.
We graduated from high school together.
We still go to the same church.
We're both married to (shy) military men.
We're friends and milspouses :)


Dani said...

Hello! I'm a Military SO, and I traipsed upon your blog through others I follow :)
I'm a grad student who is currently dating a deployed soldier, so that is pretty much what I focus on. With the occasional Martha Stewart influences ;)
Check my blog out over at

Beckie said...

Hi! I have no clue how I found you, honestly. Blog hop maybe?

I'm a nurse and my hubs is in the Army.

He's currently in Hawaii and I'm following him soon. We were at Ft. Bragg last.

I'm 23. We have no kids. We've been married 3 years and together almost 11.

That's me in a nutshell haha. Nice to "meet" you!

Kate said...

Well you know I read! And you know who I am, so I'm really just here for the giveaway :) Love you <3

Isabella Kiss said...

i just found your blog and a lot of it was very encouraging to me. I am not a milspouse, but i am a proud air force girlfriend (and Christian. We seem to have a lot in common. I enjoyed reading your story of meeting your Soldier and all the military post in between. Thanks.

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