Sunday, August 14, 2011

That feeling when you sign your 30 page mortgage agreement...

Yesterday I officially joined the mid-20"s club.
And of course, My Soldier was MIA.
Drill weekends and TDY usually fall around holidays and birthdays.
Of the 4 years we've been together, we've shared just 1 birthday celebration each.
That's just how it works right?

I did get a present from the Army though.
A text message from my hubby saying he has 1 day to decide to re-up.
24 hours to plan the next __# years...
His service date is in June, so we thought we had several more months.
On one hand, I can not imagine a life without the military.
On the other... "normal" life, with a hubby at home. always. hmm....

But the gut-kicker was this: re-up and get a nice little bonus.
OR get out next June and he won't go on the upcoming deployment...
I think the thought of getting out gave me the butterflies more than re-enlisting,
but all I got from the conversation was:

He could stay home next year. We finally got to talk about it late last night and have decided to re-up.
The Lord has yet to call us somewhere else. And we both have peace about the decision.

But you know that feeling when you sign your 30 page mortgage still kinda feels like that.
Because no matter how you spin it- we signed over the next ___# years of our lives.


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Dana B. said...

One day to decide, huh? That's nice of them to be so... Considerate. I'm glad to hear you made a decision you're comfortable with in such a short amount of time!

I do know how you feel with the whole "normal life" debate. I think about it often - what would our life look like if we got out of the military? It seems so strange and unattainable, knowing that there are people out there who don't leave for months at a time and have actual weekends (or get paid overtime pay!). But for now it's the only job he can love, and I do enjoy the security it provides (security while being shot at...hehe).

Happy Birthday - sorry it's coming late :)


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