Friday, October 28, 2011

Excel Sheets in Real Life

I wish that every sequence of military life came with a warning label.
This way when you start your first Christmas shopping excursions, it won't smack you upside the head in the middle of the store that Christmas is only 9 weeks away.
... and then "next" year isn't really that far anymore ...
Or when you're sitting in church for Wednesday night service you won't count the chapters of our Revelation study and realize you might have to mail the recordings for him to finish it too.
And wouldn't it be amazing to have a warning label that all things change no matter how "official" they may be. or wait- is it that or official word is "official"? we play that side too...
I don't quite know what to do with myself lately. Plan and make to-do lists or take it a day at a time and wait. Fast forward or pause. Because both work. and I hate that.
I am your classic miss type A. I have a love affair with excel spreadsheets, checking the boxes (with a pink pen, of course), schedules and lists of requirements are my happy place and I am in my fluffy comfort-zone when I know 
So this is where I need some feedback from my dear military wives.
What are your methods for dealing with the upcoming "unknowns"? I'm accustomed to the count downs, the monthly markers and the events to check off along the way.
But what about the moments in between? 
When you only have a glimpse of what's around the corner and you aren't liking the view?
How do you make the list of "last ..." and "before ..." moments fun and enjoyable when its a constant ticker reminding you of what is to come?
I pretty much feel like I'm loosing my mind these days and keeping it "under wraps" and explaining my drama isn't so easy. (you know this- we all like to pretend we're Army Strong and won't crack unless its behind closed doors)
 I just need to know. A or B. East or West. One way or another.
...because I'm a type A and I need to type A!

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L said...

Just stumbled upon your blog... I don't have any real advice for you other than make plans you can break. Plan your Christmas, and do it early if need be. Figure out what is most important to you and make it happen, even if it means doing things on your own time table. My husband missed our anniversary last year. And we knew it would happen. So instead of being sad that he missed it, we celebrated a different day (or month, actually) and for me when our anniversary rolled around, it was just another day because we had already made our special anniversary memories. Probably not helpful advice, but that's what I do =)

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