Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mr. Husband, Sargeant, Sir!

This morning at 0700 my hubby officially became a Sargeant in the United States Army. Though he insisted it was no big deal, it was the first promotion ceremony I have been able to see- the others 0ccurred while he was in Iraq. To my amazement his superiors allowed him to delay his promotion a few days so that I would be able to pin him! (I arrived home from Denver late last night- well morning really. Home at 12:30 am, up and at the Armory at 7 am!) I was a little nervous where all the other promotions had taken place while I was away, and his entire unit would be staring at me- the lonely civilian in a room of soldiers. And much to my humiliation- I choked. I know what you are thinking- how hard is it to place a velcro patch on ACU's? Well its not, unless they hand you the rank upside down and you are too nervous to check before you pin him. Yup, I pinned his rank upside down- in front of his entire unit- his First Sargeant and Commander...great first impression of the newest army wife right? The horrible part is after he read his creed to the unit, they stripped it and re-pinned him. UGH. And I KNOW the ranks and what they look like, but I figured they would pass it to me the right way....wrong. Next time I just may watch from the side-lines... my poor husband. The guys gave him a hard time all morning, apparently I should be given a "handbook" to learn my ranks.... oh well. He was a sweetheart and told me stories about a Sargeant Major who pinned his on wrong and came to formation...but still- did it really have to go that way? Really? It didn't phase him though, he's informed me that I can now just call him Sargeant. So of course, I have teased him all day calling him my Mr. Husband, Sargeant, Sir! I guess I will just have to find a way to congratulate him that will make up for my blond moment... ; )

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bemental said...

That is too funny! :)

I am so sorry... I am half-hoping that Andrew graduates in the Fall, so that his commissioning ceremony is small and private... The last one I went to in the Spring was full of wives and mothers who had the hardest time pinning the new ranks AT ALL (leave alone correctly... although you can't really mess up a lieutenant - it looks the same no matter which way you look at it!)
And congratulations to your hubby! Sgts are the best :D
(Yes, I get a kick of people at the unit calling him "Sgt Bement"... hehe... so funny - to me at least)
So long, Mrs. Sgt Griffin ;)

Mrs. Sgt Bement

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