Thursday, March 18, 2010

To Honor a Hero

Because you can't imagine what it would feel like.
But the thought hits you like a punch in the stomach and there's no air even though you know you're breathing.
Because you feel guilty for even thinking it, but you're glad its not you.
Because you know it will happen to someone else and theres nothing you can do.
You place yourself in her shoes for a moment and feel like there's no escape.
You realize you are the lucky one...
Because it could have been you. could be you.
These are the reasons I can't find the words, I can't speak. I can't begin to say how much my heart is aching for a stranger I've never met, but know she one of us...
I am so sorry my dear friend.
I can't imagine facing that day. Answering that door.
Thank you for your sacrifice. For loving a soldier.
Thank you for serving by his side, as he gave the ultimate sacrifice.
To say that my prayers are with you seems insufficient...
You are a hero.

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