Saturday, April 24, 2010

The New and Improved!!

Thanks to the ever-talented fabulous Mrs. Muffins
In Love With a Soldier has been given a makeover!
Take a minute and check out the new glitz and glam.
Grab my button and show some love for the soldier in your life!
Thanks Nicole- I love it!


Amber said...

Very very lovely!!!!!!!

Mrs. Bement said...

I love, too! Adorable! :)

Sarah said...

I didn't see the "before" but I definitely LOVE the "after"! Nicole gave my blog a makeover not too long ago too. She's the best!

P.S. I'm a follower because of her. =) Nice to "meet" you.

Lauren said...

shes the best she did mine too!!!! look fabulous!

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