Friday, November 5, 2010


no more migraines. Praise the Lord!

MRI + claustrophobia = mild panic and the longest 40 minutes everrr.

working saturdays suck.

new houses are not suppose to be continually messy.

loads of laundry. piles of dishes. muddy carpet on front steps.

still no pictures...working on it.

dark chocolate makes it better. way better if its Dove.

NEED to be in Colorado tomorrow. minnie ears and giggles are waiting.

time change on Sunday. blessed hour of additional sleep.

shopping lists.

yards of ribbon and lace. glue and clips. buttons and elastic.

unhung picture frames and uncompleted photo albums.

sleep. pillow. blankets. sound machine.

surprise next Saturday!


1 comment:

Kayla Sue said...

I am glad to see you blogging more:)

And I had to tell you how much your last post meant to me!! I needed to read that at the exact moment I did... THANK YOU SO MUCH. You can even read the effect it had on me here:)

Can't wait to see what the surprise is!

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