Sunday, November 14, 2010


Remember last week when I said I had a surprise?

I got an early Christmas present from My Soldier...
He was so excited to give it to me, which makes it all the more perfect.
Any guesses?

Need some hints?

Meet my Christmas present!

Isn't she perfect?
And by perfect I mean- we never sleep, she chews everything,
my house now has a halo of black hair around it,
and I have nearly broken my ankle twice by tripping on her toys.

But isn't she just perfect?!

The entire ride home from the breeders she didn't want to be held.
Poor thing, I think she was petrified. She loves her moose though. They are great friends.
Until Delta eats her that is...

I don't think she knew what to think of us at first...
but one night of cuddling and she's attached to me now.

If only she could look this adorable for 8 hours a night....

I am absolutely in love with her though!

I think this just might be the best present ever.


Whitney said...

How freakin' adorable!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness so cute!!!!!

Expat Girl said...

Aahhh we have one! she is one now but she looked just like that when she was a baby. She was ridiculously easy to train so I hope you get that lucky!

Aimee said...

Aww!! I want this dog!!

navynest said...

Adorable! Have so much fun with her!

It's Something Beautiful said...

How darn cute is she :) Yay for presents!

Mrs. Bement said...

I agree! She's adorable!

(Love the name, too!)

The Burke's (One of Many!:)) said...


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