Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Not So Wordless Wednesday....

After I curled up in Hubby's lap Sunday night crying because
I "just wanted to be home with him" and didn't want to go ANYWHERE,

I prayed that we could just have one day this week where we didn't have to do anything
but come home from work and just relax, watch a pointless movie and snuggle...

What I didn't exactly expect is for Jesus to answer my prayer so... ENTIRELY.

I opened the front door to this mess at 6:30 am.

We've had a TON of rain the last few days and the culvert collapsed, creating a swimming pool in our yard...and our neighbors. It wouldn't have been all that bad except the rapids eroded our driveway to the point that we were TRAPPED in our house.

We had DOT, the town code enforcer, our contractor and the neighbors
checking out the damage.

So it wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I asked for a day off with My Soldier,
but Jesus does have a sense of humor. And he is into details.
And He did answer all my requests...
Maybe next time I'll ask for a little less dramatic event.


beka said...

oh my gosh!
well, that's nice...He DID answer your prayers... hehe:)
have a wonderful few days all to yourselves! lol

The Burke's (One of Many!:)) said...

haha! I love this! sorry about your driveway but I totally understand curling up in your soldiers lap and crying....i just recently did the same thing because I feel I never get to just be with him anymore! but im so thankful that you got time with your soldier! :) love you and miss you!

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