Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Not-So-Much Post

Speedy update:

I survived! I lived! I graduated!

I officially have a B.S in pre-law!

I slept a full night of TEN!!! HOURS for the first time in ages! (and I SO needed it)

My Soldier and I have actually eaten dinner together. in the same room. at the same table. at the same time. And date night- woohoo! I forgot what cuddling and movies were like.

The past two weeks has been crazy! And can I be honest??- I just haven't felt like picking up the laptop because for the first time in four long years I haven't had to write anything!

But I miss you all, so tomorrow I promise for an actual post to catch you up with everything!


Stephanie Hartman said...

Well everyone needs some R&R time..Congrats again for finishing...

Kathryn said...

Congrats!! :)

Julie the Army Wife said...

YAY! Congratulations :)

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