Saturday, May 1, 2010

MilSpouse Blog Carnival!

Wives of Faith is having a Blog Carnival!
Day 1- Tell us your milspouse story...

Every time I tell "our story", I cannot help but smile.
God is so into details.
The first time I met my husband we were twelve years old and in the sixth grade.

He was loud. I was shy. I was not very interested in being his friend.
I still thought boys had cooties.
In junior high, his best friend had a crush on me.
So, inevitably, the three of us became best friends.

In high school we remained the three musketeers.
Until the friend decided to ask me out. I declined holding to my "no dating" policy...
But secretly I was kinda crushin back.

My sophomore year, I transferred to a private highschool
I knew it was the Lord's calling, but I was devestated the three musketeers broke up.
I kept in touch, but only minimally- going to their soccer games and such,
but it was the friend who always made sure that I came-
My Soldier was otherwise preoccupied by highschool love.
Graduation came and went, the three of us saying our congrats and farewells.
Summer days were filled with college preparations and hanging at the beach
Until one day, I happen to bump into *My Soldier*
He was working, I was rushing but we exchanged the polite-
"what school are you going to, what are studying"...

He had joined the Army National Guard. He left for basic training in two weeks.
I was glad to see him, would be praying for him, wishing him good luck.
He would see me around.
Two weeks later my phone rang. Would I meet him to say goodbye? Of course.
I'd only be able to stay for an hour. I had other plans.
Two days later, starbucks in hand, we talked for three and a half hours
So how did he get my number? Well so and so said you wanted me to call.
She said you mentioned I was leaving for basic and wanted to say goodbye.
Actually I didn't say anything to her. She gave you my number?
No, its ok. I am glad she did.
Next time a date? I'm not interested in dating. I am just getting over a relationship.
But I would love to have coffee again when you get back....
I'll write you. Ok.
Months later, counting the letters sent every week-He came home. In ACU's.
We had that coffee "not-date".
Movie? Ok. But its not a date.
By the end of the summer the line between not-dating and dating were a little blurred.
We often joke- he chased me for months and I decided one day I loved him
and then agreed to date him.

We're often asked how long we have been together
a question that really has no answer
unofficially or officially?
Dating or together?
My Soldier was home for eight months for he deployed.
We had officially been dating for two months.
Unofficially about six.

That day I put him on that plane. Watched his uniform fade down the corridor....

I knew.

All the years of praying for a man whose name I didn't know...
Yet God knew I met my soulmate on the playground when I was twelve.
Letters, skype, flat-rates, and phone calls
I gave my heart to a soldier 5000 miles away.
Five and a half months into deployment, home for R&R
He asked me three little words-
Volonta lo sposate (...will you marry me...He asked me in Italian!)
I told him before he left for deployment that since he is part Italian,
he should learn to speak it for he did!
Seven months later, at O'dark thirty, I welcomed home my Hero.
Wedding plans galore! July 11, 2009
We promised to be one- a chord three-fold- in a little white chapel
Where my parents said their I Do's.

We are nearing our first anniversary and loving our lives together.
Loving a soldier and living an Army life can be difficult at times,
But every day I thank the Lord
For choosing our souls to intertwine.
Who would have thought?
I met My Soldier, My Husband, My hero
that day on the school playground in the sixth grade.
See, isn't God into details?


mrs.griffin said...

So my post kept messing up..hence the strange spacing, squished photo and deleted signature.


Hope you still enjoy reading!

Whitney said...

Loved reading your story. It was so cute!

P.S. Saw you were a new follower. Now, I'm following you too :)

KelleeLyn said...

Super cute story...God is good!
I'm a new follower :-)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story <3

Jessica said...

precious story...loved it
thank you for sharing!

Kathryn said...

Aww what sweet story, thanks for sharing! It's amazing how God is in all the details in our lives! :)

Mateya said...

Oh I love this story! Crazy how God works sometimes!

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